Friday, 22 July 2011

For Iris Blackflower

Butterflies stormed into the room just in time to see Will pushing Iris out of her chair. Iris hit the carpeted floor chinfirst and rolled over, groaning. Will sidled into the comfortable armchair and typed, "OMG she's really on here talking to total strangers". He had just sent it and looked up and saw the reflection of a girl behind him. Her long, dark hair was streaked with white, her glossy tan so attractive, her perfect body figure screamed for attention, her clear red eyes--

Wait. Will thought. Red eyes?

The girl spoke. "Don't you dare lay a finger on her."

Will couldn't say anything for a while. "Who are you?" he finally asked.

"Name's Butterflies, Blood Butterflies. BB for short." Will opened his mouth to reply, then he was quickly cut off by Butterflies. "I know your names Will. Yes, names. Two of them."

Iris gave another moan.

Will narrowed his eyes. "What other name? I only have one."

"Yeah, whatever, Will. I don't care. The fact is, the next time I hear you're up to this again, I swear on the length of Auron Tenebrae's neck, I will kill you."

She turned and stalked away. Will grinned, and, just for the sake of defiance, kicked Iris in the side. She gave a terrible shriek of pain.

"What did I say?" Butterflies turned around. In a split second, she was in front of Will. She was taller than him and she loomed over him. He continued to stare into Butterflies' eyes, mesmerized. Then, suddenly and without warning, her fist connected with his gut.

All breath left him as he flew backwards and he crashed into the computer. Its screen blacked out and sparks flew. She was on him again, fists blurring and crashing onto his chest. His breath turned sharp and painful, and he instinctively knew that a couple of ribs were broken. She hit him squarely on his jaw with a solid haymaker, then buried her shoulder in his belly. It flexed inwards and he flew backwards again. He hit the wall of the office cubicle and dropped to the ground, groaning.

Then she was on the ground beside him, pulling his carefully made hair to make him look into her eyes. "Tell me you're sorry." she said. When she got no response, she rotated her wrist, twisting his hair from it's roots. "Tell me you're sorry," she snarled again.

Panting to ease the pain, Will said through gritted teeth, "Sorry."

Standing up without letting go, she stood Will up. Then she kneed his belly and brought his head to meet her knee. He fell over backwards and didn't get up.

Butterflies walked over to Iris and helped her up. "You okay?"

Iris held her head. "Just a little woozy."

Butterflies dragged Will out of the cubicle and Iris raised an eyebrow. "You were here? I didn't see you."

Butterflies smiled. "There's a reason I'm classed as a Vampire."

"And you knocked Will out."

Butterflies' smile broadened and she winked. "There's a reason I'm classed as a hired assassin. You're right, he's not dead, but he is unconcious. That should save you your troubles for a while. And as for your personal slave matter...." Butterflies trailed off as she fished around in her pocket. She came up with a bundle of cash and threw it -bull's eye- in front of Iris. "Maybe you should eat out once in a while."

And then she was gone, leaving behind an unconscious boy and Iris staring at the money.