Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Running away

Butterflies woke with a jolt to the head. Her eyes snapped open and all she could think of was danger. She plunged her hand into her pants pocket and slipped the delicate black chain onto her pale wrist.

"WAKE UP!" her father roared. He had thrown a shard of something at her and it had hit home. Her forehead bleeding, she slowly pushed the covers off. She took deep, deep breaths to keep her temper and tears suppressed. Even so, her temper burned fiercer than Mevolent's fire, and her tears flowed down her face like twin streams.

"What....did this.....time?" she asked between shaky breaths. She suspected that her father was already drunk and intoxicated with drugs, but she still asked -- it was a ritual to her.

Her father's face went blank a moment. "You....I....You...."he stuttered. Then the rage returned. "Doesn't matter!" he yelled.

Crazily, she laughed.

"Oh, dad, oh, dad. You've done more damage to me than Billy-Ray Sanguine ever did."


She swung her legs off her slightly elevated, battered mattress and went straight to the cupboard with held her measly possessions. Sh e took out a box and started packing. Her dad did not move to stop her. "Did you ever love me?"

Her father, held in a trance, said, "Once. When you were born."

"What happened?" she asked gently, her voice permeating the suffocating silence after the storm. No answer. "Can't say, now can you?

"From this day on, I swear upon the shadows of the Temple, I am not, have never been, and never will be your daughter."

Her father stood there, captured by her bravery.

"From this moment on, I swear upon the fall of night everyday, I will never set foot in this house again. If I do, it will be to kill you. Both you and mom."

More packing.

"From this moment on, I swear upon the length of High Priest Tenebrae's neck, I will find my own keep."

She laughed again, feeling the joy and strength coursing through her as she said her chosen name again. She finished packing and walked to the door, her father's dull eyes trailing after her.

"And from the moment I step out of this house, I am not Marina. Not anymore. I will be known as Blood Butterflies."

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  1. That's so sad... Aww BB *hugs* it sounds so sad, but the story line is good.